In Memory

Pat Brown

In Memory of Pat Brown

Whether running the hurdles, playing basketball, student government or many other activities, Pat did them all with a zest for life like no other. Pat was an extremely gifted artist and made many masterpieces on the back of his notebooks during class while still making an A. He was a loyal friend, fierce competitor and a very good dancer. His dance moves became legend at the track meets around the district.

Pat left us to soon, but not before leaving a lasting impression on Commerce and CHS. He is sorely missed.

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12/09/08 03:51 PM #1    

Marissa Perez

Thank you Matt Barnes for writing this beautiful piece in memory of such a wonderful person.

01/08/09 10:24 AM #2    

Cindy Boyd (Powell)

Thank's Matt, you wrote a wonderful tribute to Pat.

Pat made everyone around him smile and we are truly better people to have known him.

01/13/09 09:50 AM #3    

John Long

Pat , me and richard bailey. pat was spiderman richard was snakeman and i was the one and only.we were like brothers.You never know how much you miss a person till their gone.He was the best person you could ever dream of meeting.

01/19/09 10:14 AM #4    

Cindy Boyd (Powell)

John - I completly agree. Pat lighted up a room when he walked in, made you smile when you passed him in hall, and made you laugh when you were down.

I always wonder where Pat would be today. Would he be leading this great nation, would he be an actor on TV, would he be the great artist painting the next masterpiece, or would he be the great athelte at the Olympics. I know that he could have done anything.

I wish that my little boy could have known Pat like we did.

05/31/10 10:45 PM #5    

Michael Sowden

Pat took the basketball team farther than they had been in a decade or few I remember.  He did the same with our track team.  In track practice he would come off the hurdles or sprints sometimes and run beside me in the distance stuff just for a break before going back to Coach Stone for the sprints.  We would talk about distance vs. sprints and I knew he could do either better than any of us.  And he did.  He truly had the runner's stride that would have made him a gifted distance runner as well as the sprinter he was.  But I could never talk him into running the mile and he would only smile, but never say no. 

At his funeral at First Baptist Church, it was the first time I had felt real loss in my life.  I think I can say in confidence it was the same for so many of us.  We all arrived on the bus from Fall's Creek to the church and Matt Barnes' father was there on the sidewalk waiting for us with the news.  It was such an emotional high to such a feeling of loss in the span of only a few minutes.  And then I remembered his smile even when we were running.

It seemed he could talk about anything to anyone very comfortably and make you feel like he could do so by knowing you his whole life. 

I still have some pictures of the track team with him and some newspaper clippings with him also.  I will be uploading them in his memory on this site in the next few weeks when I get back home.



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